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Building a future for the Children of Mapapa

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Over the past two years, we have been able to rescue more than fifteen girls forced into child marriages and provide for starving children in the village of Mapapa. This was only made possible through your love and support in building an elementary boarding school. Today these children are fully clothed; receiving nutritious, daily meals; and are happy and thriving, free to play in a safe environment. Many of the children are now only one year from graduating elementary school. This presents us with the very real and urgent need for a secondary school. Without it, the children won’t be able to graduate high school and, in all likelihood, end up back where they started: living in places where food is scarce, the water unsanitary, and the girls facing the very real threat of being sold as child-brides. In addition, we are in desperate need of a proper medical clinic. Currently, the village clinic is a small, poorly equipped shack. What few supplies it has are frequently and easily stolen. The children who come to us are often in need of urgent medical care, some diagnosed with chronic illnesses. Without a proper, well-stocked clinic the children are unable to receive the care they so desperately need.